About Anecdotes Design: handbags, restyled vintage furniture and independent makers

Anecdotes Design was established in 2013 by and Barbara Pani, partners in life and business adventures.
Anecdotes aims at sustainability, craftsmanship and local production We want to offer unique or limited series pieces of furniture

Our story

We met in Northern Italy about 15 years ago.

Barbara Pani is the organiser, busy with admin, social media, website and bookkeeping of the business. “The boss” or “the brain” according to Steve.

Steven Harkin is a “fixer”: he loves finding solutions to technical problems. Designer, prototyper and maker of leather handbags with a passion for design from the past, especially the Fifties. His hobby, become a second job, is to reclaim, restore and restyle vintage furniture to give it a fresh new look that is just perfect for the modern home.

Steve came to London, appointed Senior Lecturer at London College of Fashion where he worked for 5 years. He has bags in private and public collections, nationally and internationally.

Barbara has a background as a French teacher and translator, a passion for foreign languages and literature and a dream of writing a novel, inherited from one of her grandmothers, who married an Italian in the late Thirties.

Why Anecdotes

Being creative and makers, we wanted to tell the little stories we’ve learnt along the way of our travels and life experiences in Australia and Belgium, Italy and England. The plan is to tell those stories, one day, in a blog then in a book. We are never short of ideas and anecdotes!

 Anecdotes is for Retro-style bang on trend!