Visit Steven Harkin new website for luxury backpacks, handbags, crossbody bags and award winning clutch bags or his workshop at Anecdotes Design in Folkestone, Kent.

One Day Leather Tote Bag Making Class Workshop with Steven Harkin

If you are interested in learning how to make your own leather bag, we have one day leather classes in Folkestone. Places are limited! Only 4 places per workshop

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handmade leather bags

Handmade for you

Steven Harkin designs and makes bags in Folkestone. His workshop is at the back of Anecdotes Design shop in the Creative Quarter.

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Anecdotes Design In Folkestone

If you come to visit Anecdotes Design, you’ll have a chance to see Harkin’s workshop: tools & machinery include a clicking press and blades (to cut the leather into shape), skivers (to prepare the leather for sewing, making its edges thinner), sewing machine, edging machine and of course thread, knives, punch holes, etc.

The leather comes in a wide range of colours, some are in stock, according to fashion and seasons. If you’re after a particular shade or type of leather, feel free to enquire. We can source almost anything.

(An extra cost of minimum £50 will be added to the total.)

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handmade leather bags handmade leather bags